Family owned bussinesses

Over forty years of experience advising on the economic, tax and legal aspects of family business and their generational evolution assert the commitment we have to them.

Self-employed workers

With a team of tax advisers and legal experts comprised of individual and professional entrepreneurs, Ribas·Àlvarez offers a comprehensive and personalized service to meet all the needs of the self-employed.

Group of companies / Large companies

Ribas·Àlvarez knows from experience the needs of business groups and large companies. For this reason, we have a specific department with a team of qualified economists and lawyers who work for tax optimization, legal planning, financial tax structure and corporate governance of the company.


We advise on investment, trade and international taxation at the same time as we form companies abroad. We review and enforce agreements to avoid double taxation, always counting on the specialized support of our team of lawyers.


Our years of experience advising companies allow our team of skilled and qualified lawyers and economists to offer our expertise and rigor to support companies in their strategic tax and economic development.


With accumulated experience of over 35 years advising and providing consultancy to companies, the Ribas Àlvarez  department of lawyers has been consolidated as a law firm – Ribas Àlvarez  Advocats – integrated into the organizational structure of the Ribas Àlvarez  group.

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