About us

Ribas Àlvarez is a firm of lawyers, tax consultants, employment advisers, and other consultants offering a wide range of services covering all the legal and economic needs of any company. Our modern facilities offer city centre locations, making them a professional centre for our clients.


Ribas·Àlvarez's mission is to offer tax, legal, accounting and employment consultancy services, as well as to research and find solutions to any issue or project derived from consultation with our clients.

We've built our reputation on anticipating the needs of our clients' business projects, and responding efficiently to them. Our values are founded on smooth communication with our clients and our deep investment in what matters to them, as well as representation before public administrations.

With a commitment to increasingly meet the needs of companies, professionals and individuals, our current range of specialized services fully covers both strategic and administrative management.


  • Our customers are our first point of reference in everything we do
  • Our professionals work as a team to always provide the best possible service
  • Continuous staff training helps us keep ahead of constant changes in legislation
  • Respect for legal frameworks and commitment to business ethics
  • Effectiveness at work and efficiency in the use of resources
  • Experience, speed and responsibility in the management of corporate or personal matters
  • High quality service and constant monitoring of activity
  • Intra-departmental coordination and specific staff training
  • Assignment of a key contact person for each client for a personalized service
  • Central offices with modern technology and the best human resources



Joan Ribas and Josep Àlvarez found Assessoria d'Empreses Ribas·Àlvarez with the aim of offering tax, accounting and commercial advice services. Our services to professional associations and labour unions, as well as our economic consultancy to help employers and their teams in the process of creating a company, quickly earn us a good reputation.


Services offered to clients are extended by the addition of the employment consultancy service: labour management and consultation. David Carbonés is the current leader of the team.


Given the number of clients in the region of La Garrotxa, services in that area are broadened by the creation of the Ribas·Àlvarez Olot office. Baldiri Espuña is the first director of this office; currently, the director is Jordi Domènech.


As a partnership with other offices in Girona, the company Auditoria i Control, Auditors, SLP is created, in which our auditing and consulting services are expanded. The initial director is Jordi Domènech and the current director is Carles Sureda.


In a move calculated to improve communication, take advantage of technological improvements and offer the best services and facilities to companies and individuals, Ribas·Àlvarez concentrates all our services in our current building at 7 Carrer de la Sèquia, in Girona. An important investment is made: the purchase of the Constitució building, facilities that make up the current central offices of the Ribas·Àlvarez group. An auditorium is created on the seventh floor of the Constitució, an adapted space for all kinds of conferences, talks and professional meetings. It remains available for organizations and companies, boasting a privileged setting and a large terrace offering unique views of the city.


Our services are expanded with the creation of the insurance broking office Assessoria Ribas·Àlvarez Corredoria D'Assegurances, SL, with a professional team led by manager Francesc Anton Vives and broker Ariadna Àlvarez Arnau. The new organization advises companies on adjusting their policies to maximize coverage and minimize costs, and helps to compare and offer different products from the first level insurance companies we work with.


We expand the area of international trade by supporting companies with administrative tasks regarding export/import and advising on queries regarding documents of international trade. We work with individuals and agencies in different countries in order to advise companies on their internationalization projects.


Ribas·Àlvarez begins a collaborative project with various professional offices. This project has two strands:

1. Ribas·Àlvarez collaborates with professional offices and agencies not linked to the group, offering our services to deal with specific topics, respecting the client-agency relationship at all times so that the services offered by Ribas·Àlvarez are transparent to the final customer.

2. Ribas·Àlvarez also partners with various other offices:
Ribas·Àlvarez Salt: Following an approach for proximity services for clients and the expansion of accounting services, both face-to-face and remote, Ribas·Àlvarez acquires control of the company Ciurana Tràmits.

Ribas·Àlvarez Ripoll: Under the authority of Ribas·Àlvarez Olot, we take on management of the needs of the region of El Ripollès.

Ribas·Àlvarez Roses: Ribas·Àlvarez participates as a partner. The manager in charge is Romà Corcoll.


This year marks the incorporation of the company Ribas·Àlvarez Assessors I Consultors, SL, formed by several professional partners.
Meanwhile, our constant investment in our whole computer environment encourages us to carry out various projects, targeting areas such as:
- Document management
- Improvement of the corporate website
- Creation of a customer tracking system
- Creation of a cloud for our clients, especially micro-companies, to use for their accounting services


The idea of creating the Ribas·Àlvarez Advocats brand is consolidated with the recruitment of law professionals in the labour, trade, administrative and civil sectors.

The history of Ribas·Àlvarez is written every day, each time we click on the computer, each time we study some new issue for a client who has trusted our know-how, each time we have to reshape a thought because the result is not what the customer wanted. The complex economic environment and the difficult personal contexts of our clients, as well as the changing environment we work in, encourage us to study and understand, and this is the constant challenge that helps us grow.

We would like to thank each and every one of the individuals who make up part of our history, which we build together every day.

The Management of Ribas·Àlvarez

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