With accumulated experience of over 35 years advising and providing consultancy, the legal and trade department of Ribas Àlvarez  has been consolidated since 2016 as a law firm integrated into the organizational structure of the Ribas Àlvarez  group. It has the support and close collaboration of the other professionals in the group, including tax advisers, accountants, auditors and employment advisers.

Ribas Àlvarez Advocats is made up of a team of professionals highly specialized in the various areas of law that have an important impact on the daily life of companies and individuals. We offer our clients a smooth, timely and efficient service, as well as a direct and personalized approach. Our main objective is to provide our clients with real and effective solutions in all legal matters that affect them.

  • Incorporation of companies (public limited companies, private limited companies, civil partnerships, etc.), drawing up of articles of association, appointment of offices, powers of attorney
  • Creation of holding companies; restructuring operations
  • Sale and purchase of businesses, acquisitions of assets and liabilities and/or shares or equity units. Due Diligence
  • Operations to increase and reduce capital, spin-offs, mergers and takeovers, asset contributions, securities exchange, dissolution and liquidation
  • Remuneration of the governing body
  • Attend shareholders’ general meetings and board meetings; secretary of boards of directors
  • Draw up and negotiate all kinds of trade and banking contracts (loans, mortgages, leasing, guarantees, bonds, etc.)
  • Commercial and distribution agency contracts
  • Bankruptcy law: preparation and filing of insolvency petitions
  • Foreign companies; incorporation of affiliates and branches
  • Outstanding payment claims
  • Preparation of appeals. Legalisation of activities
  • Procedures and documentation for company body functions. Draw up and formalise the books: shareholder register, book of registered shares and minutes book
  • Brand protection (national, European Community and international) and/or trademarks, registration procedures; protection and registration of copyrights on creations or works subject to the Intellectual Property Act, and domain names
  • Give advice, draw up and negotiate sale and purchase agreements, trademark usage agreements and intellectual property license agreements
  • Give advice, draw up and intervene in all kinds of trade agreements
  • Mediation and business negotiations

We specialize in:

  • Study and plan inheritance and conveyance inter vivos
  • Formation of non-profit entities (associations and foundations), offering continuous advice about the applicable legal system for these entities
  • Establishment of community property and civil partnerships
  • Civil contracting: sale-purchases, loans, assignment of rights, exchange of ownership rights, establishment, modification and extinction of rights in rem
  • Supply contracts, service provision and outsourcing. Agency, distribution and franchise agreements. Works and industry contracts. Associative contracts. General contracting terms and conditions. Call options. Lease agreements and those related to real estate and rights.
  • Registration of documents in Trade and Property Registers
  • Draw up, offer advice and negotiate deposit, sale and purchase, and call option agreements
  • Deed of declaration of new works, land consolidations and partitions, divisions in the horizontal property system, write the regulations and by-laws of property owners’ associations
  • Prepare and give advice regarding building and execution of works contracts, housing and business premises rental.
  • Mediation and business negotiations

Our expertise lies on:

  • Registration of documents in Trade and Property Registers
  • Give advice, prepare and draw up mortgage loan contracts
  • Cancelation of charges and encumbrances in the Property Registry.
  • Declaration of title to land, register property in the Property Register for the first time
  • Adapt real estate to the description recorded in the Property Register, procedures of greater complexity

In this area, we engage in:

  • Planning, execution and maintenance of family-owned businesses, succession planning
  • Negotiate, give advice and execute Family Protocols; adaptation of corporate body and shareholders’ agreements
  • Family estate tax structuring. Advice regarding succession rights
  • Draw up wills, codicils, memorandums of wishes
  • Inheritance acceptance procedures and claim of inheritance rights. Mediation and negotiation regarding succession matters

En aquest sector, ens dediquem a:

  • Planificació, execució i manteniment d’empreses familiars, planificació de successió.
  • Negociació, assessorament i execució de Protocols Familiars, adequació de pactes para-socials i òrgans societaris.
  • Estructuració fiscal de patrimonis familiars. Assessorament en drets de successió.
  • Redacció de testaments, codicils, memòries testamentàries.
  • Gestió d’acceptacions hereditàries i reclamació de drets hereditaris. Mediació i negociació en matèria successòria.

We specialize in:

  • Study the taxation of corporate and property operations
  • Assistance and intervention in tax inspections related to corporate, property and succession operations
  • Appeals in administrative proceedings and economic-administrative claims against tax administration actions and especially tax settlements derived from inspections, verification acts and all other acts that result in a tax settlement.

In the administrative area, we highlight the following:

  • Assistance and intervention in actions carried out before local, regional or national public authorities
  • Advice regarding public procurement
  • Intervention in urban development enquiries
  • Lodge appeals in all kinds of administrative disciplinary proceedings or those that affect the interests of the company or individual
  • Advice regarding all kinds of documents to obtain licences or administrative authorisations

We specialize in:

  • Legal proceedings for commercial matters derived from the liability of company directors, insolvency proceedings, disputes between partners, challenge procedures against agreements of general meetings or boards of directors, industrial or intellectual property, unfair competition, patents and brands
  • Legal proceedings for civil matters to claim payments from defaulters; civil liability, evictions and any others of a civil nature.
  • Legal proceedings for employment matters derived from individual or group layoffs; disputes between companies and workers, or proceedings for Social Security matters.
  • Criminal proceedings derived from socioeconomic offences

We have experience in:

  • Advice prior to filing for insolvency procedures and the adoption of negotiation and refinancing measures to avoid insolvency
  • Preparation and filing for pre-insolvency and insolvency procedures of insolvent companies, as well as monitoring the procedures until the conclusion of the legal proceedings for commercial matters.
  • Intervention in insolvency procedures in defence of the affected creditors.

We have experience in:

  • Advice regarding all kinds of recruitment
  • Advice regarding social security matters
  • Preparation and filing of disability allowance procedures and other Social Security matters
  • Layoff plans
  • Mediation and employment negotiation



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