We help you in the field of administrative labour management, HR and employment relations, both as regards daily management and in the planning and strategy of employment and HR management.
Our team of professionals is composed of employment lawyers, graduates in social science and employment technicians whose purpose is to advise and respond to the our clients’ needs in the management of human and employment resources.

We offer comprehensive management for the processing and filing of all kinds of declarations. We draw up deductions and remunerations certificates, summaries, and sick, paternity/maternity and work accidents leaves.

We advise you on all types of business transactions, including mergers, reorganizations, and acquisitions.

The department has specialized lawyers in Labour Law to advise the company in the legal-labour consultancy field, as well as in all types of employment conflicts (individual or collective), and in the management of employment regulation plans, assistance before work inspection, labour courts, negotiation of agreements, remuneration policies, contract clauses, compensation and social security benefits.

We create monthly payrolls for your company’s workers and send them telematically. We also process social security registration and deregistration and help you in the creation of your time schedule.

We handle the preparation and filing of TC1 and TC2 models, and we can also make social security payments.

We manage the preparation of salary receipts for self-employed workers (managers, administrators, etc.).

We can also advise you on the remuneration policy of your company.

We take care of the processing of financial crisis files and termination of employment contracts.

We draw up disciplinary writings, resolution of contradictory files, leaves of absence, work permits and deferrals.

  • We carry out our procedures with all national, regional and municipal public authorities, either in person or online
  • Powers of attorney and electronic certificates
  • Business activity registration (Business activities tax -IAE)
  • Patent and licence applications
  • Municipal, regional and national tax management (Property tax –IBI, tourist tax, etc.)
  • Certificates from the Spanish tax agency (Hisenda), Ministry of Justice (criminal records, etc.), Department of Education of the Catalan government
  • Lodging of appeals against the property adjustment tax (Spanish land register -Cadastre


APUNTA’T!! Jornada tècnica i pràctica sobre el Registre de Jornada – 23 de maig 2019 de 9.15h -12h

Jornada tècnica sobre l’aplicació del Registre de Jornada per als treballadors a partir del mes de maig: possibles opcions i enfocament de futur Aquest mes de maig ha entrat en vigor l’obligació de registrar la jornada de treball de tots els treballadors. Fins ara únicament s’havien de registrar les jornades parcials. A partir de l’entrada [...]

Nova Llei de Contractes del Sector Públic

El dia 8 de novembre de 2017 fou aprovada la Llei 9/2017 de Contractes del Sector Públic i entrarà en vigor a partir del proper dia 8 de març de 2018. Aquesta nova llei, que ve a substituir i deroga l’anterior, respon a la necessitat d’incorporar al nostre ordenament jurídic les últimes directives europees en matèria de contractació pública. En [...]

1r Congrés Girocàmping PRO

egut a la seva implantació en el sector RESTAURACIÓ I TURISME, Ribas Alvarez Assessors i Consultors, va participar amb professionals del sector turístic en el  Girocamping Pro, el primer congrés dels càmpings gironins a l’Auditori-Palau de Congressos de Girona. El congrés, adreçat a tot el sector turístic, va oferir un programa  amb ponències i debats de primer [...]