Management of vehicles

MANAGEMENT OF VEHICLES We offer all the administrative procedures, before the Directorate-General of Traffic, related to the management of vehicles. Vehicle registration Transfers of vehicle ownership (purchase-sale) Vehicle deregistration for export purposes Temporary or definitive deregistration Payment of fines Tax settlements (MUNICIPAL ROAD TAX) Driving licence renewals or duplicate copies Green number plate application (Import- [...] Read More

Insurance brokerage division

INSURANCE BROKERAGE DIVISION Assessoria Ribas Àlvarez  Corredoria d’Assegurances, S.L. is part of Grup Ribas-Àlvarez, which was created in 2001 as a risk consultancy and insurance brokerage firm with the purpose of creating solutions that fulfil the requirements of businesses and individuals, thus contributing to our clients’ peace of mind and their success. Assessoria Ribas Àlvarez [...] Read More

Legal services – Lawyers

LEGAL SERVICES – LAWYERS With accumulated experience of over 35 years advising and providing consultancy, the legal and trade department of Ribas Àlvarez  has been consolidated since 2016 as a law firm integrated into the organizational structure of the Ribas Àlvarez  group. It has the support and close collaboration of the other professionals in the [...] Read More

Labour risk prevention and criminal risk (compliance)

LABOUR RISK PREVENTION AND CRIMINAL RISK PREVENTION (Compliance) Labour risk prevention Current legal requirements put the ultimate responsibility for protection in several internal and external areas on the employer, and these areas require the attention of professionals in analysing and implementing matters that are subject to regulation. We have our own services for prevention of [...] Read More

Human resources consultancy

HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY The services offered by this sub-department are aimed at all types of SMEs. Employment and human resources auditing We carry out employment and human resources audits and studies to optimize labour procedures and the costs of workers. We produce statistical and comparative reports from different scenarios. Selection of personnel We manage the [...] Read More

Labour management and consultancy

LABOUR MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTANCY We help you in the field of administrative labour management, HR and employment relations, both as regards daily management and in the planning and strategy of employment and HR management. Our team of professionals is composed of employment lawyers, graduates in social science and employment technicians whose purpose is to advise [...] Read More

Financial consulting (in R&D+i)

FINANCIAL CONSULTING R&D+i Our professionals and collaborating experts in the area of R&D+i help companies to be competitive in the search for financing and tax deductions allowed by legislation for their research, development and innovation projects. Analysis of export activity cost management (+ info) Development of external image and diagnosis of export potential (+ info) [...] Read More

Financial consulting

FINANCIAL CONSULTING Review, management and control of businesses Business line optimisation Analysis of financial statements Treasury and feasibility plan Company appraisals Sale and purchase processes (Tax due diligence) Economic-financial planning NOTÍCIES RELACIONADES APUNTA’T!! Jornada tècnica i pràctica sobre el Registre de Jornada – 23 de maig 2019 de 9.15h -12hJornada tècnica sobre l’aplicació del Registre [...] Read More

Tax advice and tax management

TAX ADVICE AND TAX MANAGEMENT This is one of the most important areas offered by group Ribas Àlvarez  and in which it has the most experience. It is currently divided into four sub-areas: Each one is made up of a specialised team of professionals, who work together and complement each other. The main purpose of this [...] Read More
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